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German amp manufacturer AER (Audio Electric Research) has teamed up with guitarist Monte Montgomery to develop the new signature MM200 acoustic amp. The amp will be unveiled at NAMM 2014.

Montgomery’s hunt for an acoustic amp that could handle his demanding, powerful playing style and wide textural range without sacrificing subtlety and precision led him to AER. The company is well-known among professional guitarists for the sound quality, compact size, and simplicity of their amps.

“I couldn’t be happier about the partnership with AER,” attests Montgomery. “We worked together every step of the way to dial this amp in, from the power amp and speaker configuration right down to the mute switch. I wanted something that I was proud to have my name on, and the MM200 is exactly that.”

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Alvarez Guitars is proud to introduce the Alvarez Yairi MMY1, based on Monte Montgomery’s DY62C, which he bought in 1987 and has been playing ever since.

The new MMY1 features a five-piece laminated neck which won’t break, even under the intense stress of a Monte Montgomery performance.

The MMY1 features a hand-distressed solid cedar top designed to look like the current condition of Monte’s original DY62C, as well as a special Monte Montgomery 12-fret mother of pearl inlay. The guitar features many of the same specs as the original DY62C, including the highly figured burled mahogany back and sides and a vintage style rosewood bridge along with many of Monte’s own custom specifications.

Monte proudly endoorses GHS Strings.

"My ears love the sound, my fingers love the feel"

Since 1964, GHS strings been winding guitar strings in the same southwest corner of Michigan that gave birth to Gibson Guitars. Though based in Battle Creek, we are global, but our values remain rooted in midwestern soil. We arefiercely independent – we are no-nonsense perfectionists believing in hard work, craftsmanship, and the power of music.

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